The Lost Art of Tea Time to Connect

But what kind of message would be worth reading unless we allow ourselves to both think freely by using the art of language. Free from Wi Fi, on our free time, using our free choice, with our drug free minds (or not). Only cost to you is 2.99 in shipping. Just because nothing in life is completely free. In fact, we lost more freedom over time because more people couldn’t agree. When I think about it, at this point of my story I am proud to have established a topic everyone can agree on. Everybody loves free and being free. Wouldn’t you agree? Sometimes talking about anything and everything with an open mind while sitting at a coffee shop can lead to something. In fact I know of two Jewish guys struggling to make a living in New York because all they did was sit around talking about nothing. For them that nothing turned out to be quite something. For ten years the cast of Seinfeld showed the world how to laugh simply by pointing out the everyday things that most people think nothing of. In fact I believe the infamous season finale of that show marked the last show about real life and real people. Ironic considering it was nothing for them to talk freely about nothing yet they ended up losing their freedom for saying something. May I point out that iconic moment in television history metaphorically marked the beginning of our society’s deadly verbal virus. One by one our politically corrupt yet politically correct dictionary dictators have shamed some of most commonly used words into fearful whispers. Some of you may remember a time in the late eighties when the only word that people dared not to speak was the mother of all words FUCK.

Is it me or does this form of communication seem to flow fun and freely. My intentions tonight was to focus on character development as a strong foundation for a book. But how better does it get when we already have developed a comfort to talk freely about nothing and anything from Seinfeld to Fuck. At this point it doesn’t matter if either one of us is a fat fuck, or an old fuck. Perhaps you may think style is fucked up. But I sense we may share a level of appreciation for the things in life that blend light humor as well as dark and twisted. After all it has been said since the era of Yin and Yang that balance is the key to nature. And the key to any well balanced relationship is to never shame our words nor our porn. I realize you may think that I am moving too forward by using one of today’s shamed whispered words